Why Protein Is Necessary. What Are Its Benefits And How Much Protein is Required?

protein for diet

Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. It can be called as Building block of life as every cell of the body contains protein. Made up of amino acids protein is required for cells recovery and making new o.  Protein diet is a must for athletes and bodybuilders as lack of protein can cause slow muscles recovery, weight loss, low energy level, and poor concentration.

Benefits of High Protein Diet:-

  • ·         High bone density
  • ·         Less hunger
  • ·         Less belly fat
  • ·         Reducing muscle loss
  • ·         Better brain function
  • ·         Great Strength
  • ·         Fast recovery from injuries
  • ·         Easy fat loss Etc.

 How much protein intake is required?

RDA is 0.8 grams per kilogram of lean bodyweight (U.S. Food and Nutrition Board, 1980) for adults male. For women, it suggests 46 gm of protein  is required in a for infants and children the RDA is doubled and tripled because of the rapid growth rate they experienced.  The daily requirement of protein can be increased for sports person as they have highly active lifestyle according to their training and weight.

Sources of protein:-

  • ·      Egg:-  One large Egg contains 6 gm of protein which is highest among all the biological products
  • ·       Milk:- one cup of milk can nourish your body with 8 gm of milk.
  • ·     Chicken Breasts: - This has the highest protein powder then any other poultry cuts, 3 oz servings of chicken breast contains 24 gm of  protein.
  • ·     Peanut butter:- 2 tbsp a day can provide 8 gm of protein it is also the best replacement for your regular butter.
  • ·      Chicken: - just 3 oz servings can add 21 gm of proteins in your body.
  • ·      Some other source of protein:-Peas,Kale,Broccoli,Mushrooms, Spinach  , Pulses, Fish.

why protein is required

Protein Supplements:-

Protein Supplements are one of the best ways to complete your daily requirement of protein. As its contains final product of above-motioned protein sources and these supplements contain digestive Enzymes so they are easy to digest and can give fast results. There are various types of protein available in the market each have their on benefits. Whey protein is the considered as complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids and is low in lactose content that is whey most of the nutritionist and fitness trainers suggest Whey over all other types of proteins

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